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The 7 Best 144Hz Monitors in India for Gaming [2021] – A Review!

One of the best reasons to upgrade to a 144Hz monitor is the eye-soothing smooth visual experience that it brings to the table. Not to mention the extra frames that gives you an edge over your opponent.

If you are in a hurry and want the best recommendation right away – then go for AOC C24G1 or LG Ultragear 34GL750-B monitor.

The 144Hz monitor is best suited for seasoned gamers and for titles like Counter-Strike, League of Legend & other FPS games.

To save your time (which you should be spending playing), I have researched and compared over 31 monitors in this segment and below are 7 of the best 144Hz monitors in India right now.

COMPARISON: the best 144Hz monitors in India

27" IPS
27" IPS
27" IPS
34" curved
24" curved
24" IPS,
DP, Audio
24.5" IPS
27" N-IPS

REVIEWS: the best 144Hz monitors in India for gaming

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1.Best 27 inch 144Hz: Acer Nitro VG270P

[amazon box=”B07VZ5TWVV” image_size=”large” title=”Highlights”]

  • 27″ IPS display
  • 1080p FHD display
  • 144Hz, 1ms response
  • 400NITs brightness
  • 8-bit panel, 99%sRGB
  • HDMI, DP ports
  • Frameless design


The VG270P from the Acer Nitro series is one of the top contenders in the 144Hz monitor segment. The 27-inch monitor has a full-fledged 1080p full HD display. Since an IPS panel powers the model, you can expect a optimized dark & bright scene output resulting in better depth perception and a highlight 400NITs brightness.

It has an enhanced Black Boost algorithm for improved visibility in those games with lots of dark scenes like CS: GO. It also has a blue light and flicker-free filter to protect your eyes from excessive screen staring. 

The color profile boasts an 8-bit panel having 99% sRGB gamut coverage which renders decent color reproduction – useful for editing work.

Apart from the 144Hz frame rate, the Nitro monitor comes with a 1ms fast-paced response and supports Free-Sync for lag and tear-free gaming performance. 

2.Best 1440p 144Hz: LG 27GL850 

[amazon box=”B07TD94TQF” image_size=”large” title=”Highlights”]

  • 27″ Nano-IPS display
  • 2K 1440p resolutions
  • 135% sRGB colors
  • HDR10 enabled
  • 144Hz, 1ms response
  • HDMI, DP ports
  • Height & tilt adjustable stand
  • G-Sync support
  • 24″ varient available


The LG 27GL850 is a relatively premium category 144Hz monitor in this list. It comes with a robust build with three micro-edged sides and a complete ergonomic plastic stand. The screen highlight a 27″ Nano-IPS, 2K display rendering a 135%sRGB true color and crisp output suitable even for professional editing. It’s also equipped with HDR10 – allowing for visual enhancement and delivering better depth by making dark spots darker, and bright even brighter.

Apart from a 144Hz furious refresh rate that gives the butter a smooth experience, it also has a 1ms native response that makes your online FPS gaming a pleasure. Plus its G-Sync supported to provide you with the extra boost when connected to a compatible GeForce GPU.

There is also a 24″ variant if you need a smaller screen or have a limited budget.

3.Best 4K 144Hz: Acer Predator

[amazon box=”B084B8VXM3″ image_size=”large” title=”Highlights”]

  • 27″ 4K display
  • 8+2bit IPS panel
  • HDR & 400NITs brightness –
  • 1ms/144hz speed rate
  • DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0 ports
  • Ergonomic height/tilt adjustable stand
  • 4K at 144hz


Suppose you are looking for superiors resolution and whipped butter smoothness. In that case, this Acer Predator might be the right choice for you. The 27″ monitor has a sharp 4K resolution and can render a 144Hz refresh rate at the resolution. (It may be suitable for gaming, but at4k/144Hz you may experience blurry text and not to mention you will also require some monster hardware.)

Anyway, there’s more good news if you are looking at this monitor for gaming. This monitor is comfortable with 4K/120Hz settings and wouldn’t have issues (including above). If you prefer to enjoy 144Hz then you can but on 2K settings. You will be preferably using a Displayport for a better experience. And not to mention you also get a lag-free 1ms response rate. Generally, most gamers prefer faster/smoother response over a high resolution. 

The connectivity ports include DisplayPort 1.4, USB & HDMI 2.0 to connect your PC and gaming consoles. It lacks the highly anticipated HDMI 2.1 port. Check out the best 4K monitors in India like this one here.

4.Best curved ultrawide 144Hz: LG Ultragear 34GL750-B

[amazon box=”B07R5R9VR9″ image_size=”large” title=”Highlights”]

  • 34″ curved ultrawide screen
  • WFHD resolution
  • 21:9 aspect & 1800R curvature
  • HDR10, 99% sRGB
  • 144Hz/1ms response
  • HDMI & DP ports
  • Complete ergonomic stand
  • G-Sync compatible 


The monitor has a muscular build and a beautiful black+red color scheme that you can safely say to be gamer-friendly. If you are a fan of ultrawide and maybe a curved screen and 144Hz refresh rate, this might be the right choice for you. The monstrous LG 34GL750-B comes with an exemplary 34″ ultrawide screen with a 21:9 aspect and the regular 1800R curvature. But the selling point is the 144Hz refresh rate that you get on this big screen. And it also has this 1ms response rate which most of the monitors in this list do.

As for the resolution, you can expect a WFHD or 2560x1080p which on a 34 inch doesn’t provide much pixel density if you ask me. It’s not the right choice if you are a fan of high resolution. But if you are a gamer who wants to enjoy games like the Witcher series or Metro or something like that which looks beautiful on big ultrawide, then you might love it. Plus it also has the HDR10 algorithm that makes the dark scenes more attractive and clearer to see.

It highlights an ergonomic stand that allows for height and tilts adjustment so you can thank your neck and set it free from the pain.

Either way, the LG Ultragear comes with various ports, including HDMI & Displayport, and many other cool features to justify the price. For more in best ultrawide monitors in India click here.

5.Best 24 inch 144Hz: AOC C24G1

[amazon box=”B07GD7H18F” image_size=”large” title=”Highlights”]

  • 24″ FHD display
  • Curved 1500R panel
  • 144Hz. 1ms response
  • VGA, HDMI & Displayport
  • Height adjustable stand
  • Flicker-free display
  • Free-Sync supported
  • 27″ variant available


This one is a killer looking instalment from AOC. The 24 inches (or 23.6 to be specific) C24G1 is a VA panel backed 1500R curved display. It comes with an impressive 144Hz/1ms MBR speed ratio that reduces motion blur and improves gaming sharpness. The gaming machine has complete protection for your eyes with its flicker-free panel that prevents eye dryness and irritation.

With that being said, the monitor is not that bright – credit goes to the VA panel. The resolution and sharpness of the picture is not excellent but who cares if it’s to be used extensively for gaming,

One of the monitor’s selling points is its height-adjustable stand as you can see in the above image. If you have been having issues with height adjustment of your current monitor then this is a good option to consider.

The AOC 24-inch monitor comes with plenty of ports including VGA, HDMI & Displayport 1.4. So you have hazel free experience connecting your PC & gaming console.

6.Best budget 144Hz: MSI Optix G241

[amazon box=”B08B8LBM3S” image_size=”large” title=”Highlights”]

  • 24″ IPS display
  • FHD resolution
  • Brighter, color-accurate output
  • 144Hz/1ms speed rate
  • 2xHDMI, 1xDP, 1XAudio ports
  • Anti-flicker & Low blue light o/p
  • Wall mountable & ergonomic stand


This one is from MSI – a highly reputed gaming gear manufacturer in the world. The MSI Optix G241 is a 24-inch gaming specialized monitor marked under Rs. 17K. It is a 1080p Full HD monitor and is backed with an IPS panel which means you can expect more accurate colors and a brighter display than VA or TN. 

Coming to the looks and build quality – it’s quite impressive to say. The monitor adopts a bezel-less design with a matte black finish and a thin yet sturdy stand that is height and tilts adjustable. Overall, the MSI Optix G241 boasts an attractive appearance. 

As with other monitors, this monitor, too, packs 144Hz/1ms combo that together delivers a smooth and tear and chopping-proof gaming experience. It also comes with AMD Free-Sync support for that extra speed boost.

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7.Best 1080p 144Hz: Asus VG258QR

[amazon box=”B07KJ67Y3K” image_size=”large” title=”Highlights”]

  • 24.5″ IPS display
  • 1080p resolution
  • 165Hz/05ms speed rate
  • HDMI, DVI-D ports
  • Height & tilt adjustable stand
  • Flicker & Blue light filter
  • G-Sync & Free-Sync supported


How about a refresh rate over 144Hz and faster response than 1millisecond? We are talking about the Asus VG258QR that comes with a 165Hz creamy smooth experience and 0.5ms of blur-safe response rate – the biggest selling points. The Esports monitor also supports Nvidia G-Sync & Free-Sync for the max boost. Just make sure your hardware is powerful enough to render that much frame rate, and you are good to go.

Apart from speed specs, the design has quite a lot of things to talk about. It comes with a matte black textured finish, slimmer bezels, and a height and tilts adjustable stand so you can finally kiss goodbye to the neck pain.

The Asus VG258QR boasts a 24.5 inch IPS class display atop 1080p full HD resolution that reproduces relatively brighter and colorful visual output. There are also blue light and flicker filters for an eye-healthy experience.

8.Latest Release: LG 27GN950

Worlds first 4K Nano IPS 1ms (GtG) monitor

[amazon box=”B08K4MZMZN” image_size=”large” title=”Highlights” template=”horizontal”]

Should you buy a 144Hz monitor?

You need a 144Hz monitor if you are an expert gamer who plays shooter and online multiplayer games for hours each day. Suppose you are a fan of Counter-Strike or League of Legends or something like that. In that case, an extra frame in a 144Hz monitor can make a difference between victory and defeat. And if you want to future-proof your gaming system, then there’s no excuse not to upgrade to a 144Hz monitor today.

However, suppose you are a beginner gamer and don’t much play online games (especially multiplayer). In that case, you don’t need to bother a 144Hz display. You won’t even notice a difference between a 144Hz and 60Hz monitor. Buy a regular gaming monitor available under 20k.

Know this first!

I want you to know that maintaining a 144Hz frame rate with a resolution over 1080p is pretty expensive and needs to be backed with heavy (expensive) computing power. You will be able to enjoy 144Hz at 1080p at more ease than 144Hz/4K. Either way, most gamers prefer a high frame rate over high resolution.

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