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TOP 10 Best Monitors for Video Editing in India [2021] – A Buying Guide!

The best monitor for professional video-editing is the 27″ BenQ PD2700Q which comes with super-accurate colors; 2K resolution, 100% sRGB, & 10-bit depth. If you are a gamer, then get LG 24UD58 – an excellent 4K monitor best for video editing and gaming. And for those on budget, I would suggest LG 25UM58 – a brilliant option you can get for editing under 15K. Besides, if you are a photographer then go here for the list of best monitors for photo-editing in India.

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COMPARISON: 10 Best monitors for video editing

MonitorFeaturesBest For
BenQ PD2700Q27" IPS
2K, 10-Bit,
100% sRGB
LG 25UM5825" IPS
21:9, 8bit,
99% sRGB,
Dual Setup
Best under 15k
Dell U241524" IPS
LG 22MP68VQ22" IPS
Acer EB321HQU31.5" IPS
1440p, 10bit
Dual Link
Samsung LC27F59127" VA
16.7M color
Curved monitor for editing
LG 24UD5824" IPS
99% sRGB
Editing & 4K gaming
HP E24324" IPS
1080p, HDCP
Video & Photo editing
Dell D3218HN32" IPS
4M:1 Contrast
Budget 32" monitor
LG 27GL85024" IPS
4K, HDR10
1.8B color calibrated
HDR10 monitor for editing

With that being covered, let’s have a better look at all of our selection one by one.

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10. LG 27GL850 – Best HDR10 monitor for video editing & gaming

27″ UltraGear is the world’s first Nano IPS monitor with a 1ms response and a 144 Hz refresh rate. It is also verified G-Sync compatible, and NVIDIA tested monitors that reduce screen tearing for a clearer, smoother, and faster performance. Besides these, it featured-

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High Dynamic Range v10

Which offers vibrant colours and contrast to enable realistic visual immersion and better depth.

Dynamic Action Sync with Black Stabilizer

Both of these features allow more responsiveness with a clear vision in dark conditions. It eventually minimizes the input lag for better performance. 

Ergonomic Design

Unsightly borders, 3-side bezel ultra-thin, height, and pivot adjustments give an ergonomic & stylish design.


  • 27″ Nano IPS HDR10 display
  • 1440p QHD resolution
  • Robust 1ms Native response & 144hz shutter
  • 350 NITs of brightness
  • 134% sRGB spectrum coverage
  • Over 1.07 billion colour depth
  • HDMI, display, USB & Headphone port
  • Hight, tilt & pivot adjustable stand


The backlight bleeding-proof distinguished panel makes it comfortable for video editors. These features also work in favor of games. As a result, it is considered as the best monitor for gaming and video editing.

9. Dell D3218HN – Budget 32″ monitor for video editing

The Dell 32 inch monitor brings you a 0.6-inch metallic border with a 2.1-inch thickness encompassing the elegant style. It offers a marvelous viewing experience with its 31.5 inches full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution along and an ultra-wide 178°/178° viewing angles. Additionally, Dell offers some other noteworthy features that give it an edge over the competitor. Those are-

VESA mountable stand

The monitor has a 13.2″ width, and 8.3″ depth stand as well as VESA 100×100 support in case you prefer wall mounting.


White LED backlight with 4 Million: 1 dynamic contrast ratio supports a local dimming feature.


  • 32″ IPS display
  • 1080p Full HD resolution
  • Attractive thin design
  • Vivid colour brilliance
  • 8ms response, 60Hz frequency rate
  • Plenty of input ports including USB, HDMI, Display


The efficient specs and features will allow you to complete a regular video editing task. However, to get the actual 1920 x 1080 resolution on such a massive monitor, you will need a graphics card.

8. HP E243 EliteDisplay

It is an excellent combination of ergonomics, optimal viewing, and productivity. The E234 has a multi-tilting display option with 3 sided micro-edge bezel display, which also features 4 ways adjustability. Let’s see other extraordinary features.

Elite visuals

The 23.8-inch display with 1920×1080 Full HD resolutions demonstrates ultimate viewing experience, which also offers a bezel-less display. 

Comfort computing

Adjustable tilt, swivel, and height can give you a comfortable position according to your needs. It can also enable multiple displays with pivot rotation from landscape to portrait.

Energy efficiency 

Like other HP monitors, it complies with strict energy efficiency, which helps the environment and reduces the electricity bill at the same time. 


  • 13.8″ FHD display
  • Enriching IPS panel
  • Premium build, attractive looks
  • 10M:1 dynamic contrast
  • 250NITs of brightness
  • Ergonomic stand with title & swivel support
  • HDCP support
  • VGA, HDMI, USB & Display ports


E243’s IPS panel offers premium wide-angle view experience with minimal colour and contrast shift. All the features together make it one of the best monitors for video editing, as well as for graphic designing. 

7. LG 24UD58 – Best 4K UHD monitor for video editing

The best screen for high-end video editing is the 4K as it offers an edge over precision and color spectrum. The LG 24UD58 monitor boasts 8.3 million pixels that deliver brilliant contrast. Following are some of the outstanding features that set this piece apart from the rest.

Vivid color expression

It covers 99% of the sRGB colour space, which assures a wide range of exceptional colours. 

Radeon FreeSync

This feature matches the monitor’s refresh rate with the graphics card’s frame rate, which ultimately reduces tearing and stuttering.

On-screen control

It makes all the possible on-screen features easy to access, such as picture mode, screen split 2.0, brightness, volume, and dual controller. 


  • 24″ UHD 4K display
  • Claims firm IPS panel
  • Delicate colour precision
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 250 NITs of brightness
  • 5ms response, 60Hz shutter
  • Flicker-free output
  • HDMI, Display, & Audio/Headphone port


LG 24 inch 4K UHD is based on IPS, which offers accurate picture quality. This 4K monitor makes the picture quality as more realistic as possible without any distortion. Suppose you are looking for a 4K monitor that has accurate and correct colors for video editing. In that case, this is the one for you.

6. Samsung LC27F591 – 27″ curved monitor for video editing

The Samsung LC27F591 curved monitor issues 1800R deep curvature which makes viewing a larger display more accessible and enhances your depth perception. It evenly minimises the peripheral distraction. With this core user-friendliness, get can also expect to enjoy – 

Enriching visual experience

Samsung’s new crystal colour technology enables stunning vivid pictures with more vibrant colours. Additionally, the 3000:1 contrast ratio can deliver brilliant whites and deeper blacks, giving you a clear view of the brightest and darkest scenes.

AMD FreeSync

4ms response time detects the fastest on-screen video response with minimal blur.

Bonus built-in speakers

Built-in, the dual 5-watt stereo speaker, will let you enjoy games, movies, or any audio content. Now that’s, not a lot, but I think it’s better than mute.


  • 27″ curved screen with 1800R curvature
  • Full HD IPS display
  • 16.7 million supported colors
  • 200NITs of brightness
  • 4ms of brightness
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • HDMI, headphone and display ports


To get the most out of this, you will need to have a reliable graphics card. Its minimized light leakage along with profound and more uniform blacks, undoubtedly makes it the best full HD monitor for video editing.  It can also be the best choice for gaming and office work. However, with the inbuilt speaker, you can watch TV too. The only con about this monitor is, you cannot adjust the height, tilting is available.

5. Acer EB321HQU – 1440p monitor for video editing

With 2560 x 1440 ultra-high-resolution, EB321HQU renders sharp and impressive image qualities, enhancing that compliments your top-notch work output. Besides, the blue light filter minimizes the exposure ratio and saves your eyesight. Along the way goes –

Wide viewing angle

With this feature, up to 178o angles can be viewed accurately without changing the colours.

10-bit colour depth

64 times more colour is displayed through the 10-bit colour depth that the 8-bit displays. It also features 1.07 billion colour supports.

Ease your eyes with flicker-free output

Flicker-free technology has an added advantage of preventing eye fatigue and keeping it healthy. It is a must feature for users who have to stare at screen long period.


  • 31.5″ WQHD 1440p display
  • Rich IPS display
  • 300NITs of brightness & 1200:1 contrast
  • Plenty of ports including HDMI, DP, & DVI Dual-Link Up
  • Ergonomic stand with swivel, tilt and VESA mount support
  • Flicker-free, blue light output


It is suitable for daily tasks on a big screen, along with part-time video editing. Since it doesn’t have an Nvidia Gsync or AMD free-sync option, it is not compatible with high-performance editing or gaming. Find the best 32-inch monitors here.

4. LG 22MP68VQ – Economical FHD monitor for video editing

22MP68VQ is an IPS LED monitor that comes with neo blade technology, which provides an immersive visual experience. It has a 99% SRGB colour response, which renders the visual most realistic. Along with all the regular LG features, it has two more extra features-

PIP mode

This mode allows you to watch a video in a floating window while working on a regular screen.

The 22MP68VQ comes with different picture modes, which let the user change according to their needs. However, it features a color revision algorithm to provide an optimized view for people with compromised color absorption. 

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  • Border-less design & slick build
  • 22″ IPS class display
  • 1080p resolution
  • 16.7M color depth
  • 250NITs of brightness
  • 5ms superior response
  • HDMI, D-Sub, Headphone, DVI-D ports


AMD Freesync tech eliminates from tearing, which ultimately ensures clear visuals as well as reduces the screen stuttering. Multitasking Screen Split features help to do different tasks at the same time, such as photo and video editing at the same time. It is also cheaper than other monitors in this category. All of these sums show that it is the best budget monitor for photo and video editing.

3. Dell U2415 – Best 24″ monitor for video-editing

Dell UltraSharp 24 monitor delivers superior screen performance with an exceptional viewing experience. The WUXGA, aka 1200p resolution, reproduces richer colors and elegant contrast. It renders better dark and bright spots which makes visuals true to life. The Dell monitor has a 16:10 aspect ratio, and as an IPS panel, it enables loss-less 178° x 178° viewing angles. Other useful highlights include –

Reliable Eco-efficient

It is made with eco-friendly materials that exclude external cables and build with arsenic-free glasses and a mercury-free LED panel.

Outstanding usability

A full range of tilting, swivel, pivot, and height adjustment stresses comfortability as you work on your editing project for a long day.

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  • 24″ Sharp 1200p display
  • Robust IPS panel
  • 16.8M wide color gamut
  • 76Hz Max shutter
  • 6ms response interval
  • 16:10 aspect ratio
  • Plenty of ports; HDMI, USB, Display & Audio
  • Ergonomic stand with tilt, swivel, & piot adjustment


The Dell UltraSharp is loaded with premium features at an affordable price. It has a multi-monitor setup option, which helps to boost productivity with the ultra-thin bezel display. So far, it is the best 24-inch monitor for video editing with all the requirements for an editor.

2. LG 25UM58 – Best budget ultrawide monitor for video-editing

If you are looking for a wide field of view with accurate colors, then the LG 25UM58 display is the right choice for you. It has a 21:9 ultrawide display that offers you way more space to work around than the regular 16:9 one. This IPS powered monitor renders brighter & more detailed output. The monitor delivers an immense experience for gamers as well as semiprofessional video editors. Following are some of the top features that makes it one of the best monitor for video editing-

Enjoy multitasking with split-screen 2.0

The robust spec comes handy to resize the display to multiple windows at the same time. As a result, you enjoy a boost in your overall work productivity. You can rearrange the screen up to 4 split-screens.

Performance mode for gamers

The sophisticated game-mode allows a more optimal performance for part-time gamers. Be it first-person shooter or RTS pre-set mode, expect a impressive performance for every game type.

The 99% sRGB colour excellence

The proven 99% sRGB spectrum coverage will help hone your colour understanding and raise the bar of your project quality.

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Experience dual-link up

Two compatible portable devices can be connected to the monitor at a time to view both of them simultaneously. Compatible devices include a camera, computer, Blu-ray player or phone.


  • 25″ FHD IPS display
  • Huge 21:9 wide aspect ratio
  • 8bits, 16.7M true colors depth
  • 5ms response time
  • 250 NITs of brightness
  • HDMI, Headphone & Audio ports


A 99% sRGB spectrum on a 21:9 FHD display will amaze you, especially when you can grab it at a budget price. All of those premium features and specifications mentioned earlier make it the best monitor for video editing under 15000.

1. BenQ PD2700Q – Best monitor for video-editing in India

If you want to measure every detail, ever frame while editing a video, the BenQ PD2700Q is the one you should be looking for. The 2K monitor delivers an absolute colour precision. It in-fact is built for designers. Some of the fantastic features include-


The AQCOLOR is a sophisticated technology build by BenQ which helps ensure colour precision and contrast so that picture appear as intended. 

Depth immersion with 100% sRGB coverage

10-bit color depth delivers 100% sRGB and Rec. 709 color spaces on the IPS wide viewing display. It also reproduces accurate resolution, color gamut, frame rate in the high definition video. 

The multipurpose multi-screen mode

The 4 different modes help various professionals to boost their productivity. The Modes are CAD/CAM mode, animation mode, darkroom mode, and dual-view mode.

Ergonomic design

Adjustment of stroke, tilt, height, and swivel gives you the options to customize the workstation for a perfect fit.


  • 27″ 2K IPS display
  • Over a Billion natural colors
  • 100% sRGB coverage with 10-bit precision
  • 4ms response
  • Amazing contrast that renders the best contrast
  • Flicker-free output
  • Premium ergonomics; swivel, tilt, & pivot support
  • Display, HDMI, mini display, & USB 2.0 port support


BenQ 27-inch DesignVue is the best investment if you are a professional photo or video editor or an animator who can’t compromise with the work quality. It delivers ultimate color-precision & complete gamut coverage. Besides, BenQ Display Pilot software comes handy to adjust the color of the monitor through OSD (on-screen display) feature. Finally, the display is flicker-free that takes care of your eyes. Outcome – the best pick for professional video editors.

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I have spent hundreds of hours researching and comparing the top video editing monitors. If you want the best monitor for video editing, go for BenQ 27 inch Design Monitor without any doubt. However, if you’re looking for a budget grab with all the decent features, LG 22″ FHD IPS LED monitor will be a perfect choice. And finally, if you want to stay in mid-range under 15000, pick LG 25″ Class 21:9 UltraWide.

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