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LED TV & Monitor: All Specifications & Explainations

You might be thinking of buying a LED TV/ Monitor or just got curious. You saw those different terms like aspect ratio, resolution, contrast or HDMI port and got your eyes rolling and head confused.

Whould like to know all those things even mean? Lets hope in and today, I will show exactly what every term means in the LED specification definer. (Some of the terms in this list belong only to specific brands.)

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Let’s try and answer all those TV/Monitor questions!

What is LED Backlight?

This is when an LCD television uses LED backlighting. By using LED backlighting the panels are a lot thinner, the displays come with better contrast levels and are brighter than the original LCD screens. Thanks to the use of LED, the power consumption is decreased and the heat dissipation is much better.

What is the Edge-lit LED?

Edge-lit LED means that the LED lights are positioned around the edge of the screen. The LED light is then spread out across the back from the sides.

What is the difference between HD Ready & Full HD TV?

HD means High Definition. Thanks to new technologies these HD TV’s have a higher resolution and faster refresh rate. HD ready televisions have a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Full HD televisions have an even higher resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Both types of tv have digital inputs, called HDMI or DVI.

What 1080p means?

The 1080p is also called Full HD. Television with 1080p has the highest possible screen resolution. The p stands for ‘progressive scan‘. It means that all 1080 horizontal lines of vertical resolution are fully used.

What is indicated by the contrast ratio of a monitor or TV?

It is measured by looking at the difference in brightness on the screen. Manufacturers will measure from the darkest to the brightest portion on the screen. Once measured they will use the highest contrast ratio they can find which varies throughout the screen. Manufacturers like to show you big numbers when it comes to the dynamic contrast ratio so make sure you check the normal contrast ratio as well.

What is the refresh rate?

FPS refresh rate of PC monitors

This basically means the number of times per second a display refreshes an image. It’s expressed in Hz (hertz). The higher this number is, the better.

What is response time?

LED displays are consist of pixels. The time pixels takes to go from one value to another and to the next one, is measured in milliseconds (ms). The lower the number, the better (faster). Response time of 5ms or less is better for gaming.

What is the Aspect ratio of TV/ monitor?

different aspect ratio of tv monitor like 16:9

Aspect ratio is the shape of the display. The 4:3 aspect ratio – the width of the screen being 4 parts long and 3 parts high same goes for 16:9 and 16:10.

What the Ambient Lighting / Light Sensor / Autoview / Intelligent Sensor is?

When led TV’s have this feature it automatically adjusts the color and brightness to ambient light. Each manufacturer seems to give it its own name.

What is SRS audio?

SRS or Sound Retrieval System is the 3D audio processing technology which comes in-built with most televisions. It helps to enrich your audio experience.

What are HDMI ports used for?

pc monitor hdmi vga dvi connection ports
HDMI port

HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. This is a connector for audio and video signals in uncompressed digital form. Whereas previous signals where analog.
With HDMI you can connect your TV or monitor to Set-Top box, gaming consoles, computers and more.

What is Motionflow?

Motionflow in Sony televisions creates smoother images by inserting new frames between standard frames. It reduces motion blur, improves picture quality and picture clarity in fast-moving scenes. Great during sports and gaming.

What does TruMotion 120hz mean?

TrueMotion 120Hz comes from LG, TrueMotion 120Hz technology sharpens/smoothens fast-moving objects. As you can see, most brands have this kind of technology that all do the same thing.

May you have any question that is not covered yet? Just comment below! We will do our best to answer ASAP.

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