heres how to take care of your led tv with 8 tips

8 Simple Tips to Better Care Your Monitor & TV Set for Longer Life Span

Do you own an expensive LED television or PC monitor? Here’s how to take care of LED TV so it lasts longer and keeps you from driving it to the nearby repair center.

Back in the ’90s, there were robust CRT televisions everywhere. Known for being more bulkier, economical, and also the one that needed the least care.

It’s a different story altogether today. It’s the world of LED TVs now. Apart from being better at performance/looks and expensive, they, unfortunately, are also easier to break or damage.

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That’s why I have put together the list of 8 best ways to take care of your LED TV so it lasts the longest with the best performance and without giving you any repair shocks.

So, here’s how to take care of LED TV [8 Top tips]

1. Room temperature

How to care for your LED TV so it last longer

Put your LED TV at a place with normal temperature too high and too cold temperature may cause malfunction or even damage your LED tv. 10°C or lower temperatures will likely affect the quality and brightness of the image. Too high temperature also potentially damaging and reduces the lifespan of your display.

2. Humidity

When there’s excess water vapor in the air.

Never put your LED in a high humidity room. The water vapors in the air affect the electronic components and accelerate corrosion. In certain circumstances, the collected water vapor condenses and gets concentrated which heightens the risk of a short-circuit. Do not put it in high-risk place such as a near liquid container to avoid liquid spills, for example, to close to the aquarium, drink pot or too close to the air-conditioner for the same reason.

3. Clean it carefully!

cleaning tv with soft cloth

When dirty or dusty clean it using a soft material with gentle movement and do not too much pressure on the layer because of the layer made from soft thin film. The screen is easily scratched if rubbed too hard. Do wiping movement in one direction, avoid wiping movement back and forth or spinning.

If extremely necessary, because the dust particles stick, you can clean it alcohol-based cleaning fluid. But remember to when you do it your tv has to be turned OFF even it’s dry clean.

4. Be cautious with handling it!

LCD TVs are made of fragile thin glass, so avoid any impact and bending when lifted or moved.

5. Power it OFF!

When not in use or unwatched condition power it off straight from the plugboard. This will save power and more importantly, not reduce your TVs lifespan. Avoid keeping the LCD TV turned on without in use for a long time.

6. Keet it away from magnets!

Never keep any magnetic device near your LED TV
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Keep your television away from objects that contain electromagnetic/ static electricity such as fans, cell phones, GPS, and other electrical equipment because it may disrupt/interference picture and also in affected on the flash memory of your tv. It can risk the life span of your panel.

7. Go for voltage stabilizer

One of the last things you will want to experience is smelling the burning of circuits out of your expensive television. Voltage fluctuation sometimes causes the excessive voltage to pass through your tv. It mostly happens in the rainy season but it comes without knocking the doors. It’s not exclusive to your TV but all electronic gadgets. The safe choice will be to use a good stabilizer.

8. Get it unpacked or mounted by technicians

unboxing led tv

This one is most important if you have just bought the TV from online stores like Amazon or Flipkart. When the LED comes to your doorstep it’s very likely that it is damaged. Perhaps in transit or something. You may even end up breaking it accidentally if unpacked wrongly. Be on the safe side. Call and wait for the technician to do this for you so you won’t get yourself into any problem.

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There you go!

So that it for now. I hope I could get the needle moving and got something new to your table. Just try these 8 tips and you’ll go long way without the need for any TV repairs. If you have your own tips that you would like to be included here. Please just let us know in comments below. 🙂

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