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The 9 Best Gaming Monitors in India [2021] – A Complete Review!

The best gaming monitor has a fast response (and minimum input lag), smooth refresh rate, adapted sync tech, HDMI port, and at least a 24 inch full HD display. We have handpicked top PC, PS, & XBOX gaming monitors in 24, 28, 32 inches, and ultrawide sizes.

Are you looking for one such gaming monitor for yourself? Hope-in!

For those of you in a hurry – our best takeaway monitors for gaming are – BenQ M353299 for esports, LG 32GK650 for the console, and LG 29UM69 for racing.

IF you have a budget less than 20k then click here for best gaming monitors under 20,000.

So without any further ado, let’s jump into the monitor comparison.

REVIEWS: Best gaming monitors in India

24-inch gaming monitor

1.BenQ Zowie

[amazon box=”B075JGL4WV” image_size=”large” image=6 title=”BenQ Highlights”]

  • 24 inch TN display
  • 1080p FHD resolution
  • 144Hz refresh rate over DP
  • Low blue light and a flicker-free screen
  • DP, HDMI, and Headphone port.
  • Dual-Link DVI-D to reach 144Hz
  • Nvidia 3D vision ready
  • Height and tilt/swivel adjustable stand
  • VESA supported
  • Poor viewing angles


Are you into high-end gaming and online FPS esports? Then the BenQ Zowie is just the right choice for you. The 24 inches TN panel-based monitor brings you an enriching full HD experience.

The colors are a little saturated and not as good as an IPS display, but the BenQ provides you with a vibrant color spectrum. The exclusive black eQualizer delivers better bark and bright differentiation in dark scenes.

It is one of the few cheap monitors with the next-gen combo of 144Hz refresh and a 1ms response rate that delivers an unmatching gaming performance. It dwells entirely for online esports like CSGO and Fortnite and provides minimal screen tearing. It boasts DP, VGA & HDMI ports. The monitor additionally also supports Dual Link DVI-D for 144Hz boost. Check out more top 24″ monitors here for work.

2.LG 24MP59G

[amazon box=”B06XDY3SJF” image_size=”large” title=”LG Highlights”]

  • 24″ IPS FHD display
  • Effective anti-glare surface treatment
  • Furious 1ms response time
  • 75Hz refresh rate with AMD card
  • AMD Free-sync
  • HDMI, VGA & Headphone ports


Here’s the crown holder. The LG 24MP59G is the best gaming monitor under 10000 in India. It has a sturdy profile that looks more sleek and superior. As for the technical specs, the LG brings you an excelling 1080p full HD resolution that renders the crispier output with enhanced dark and bright differentiation. Along with that, some other remarkable features include anti-glare surface treatment and –

One of the most prominent specs that makes it the best for gaming is the furious 1ms response time and 75Hz frequency, which eliminates the input lag together with AMD Card. The results are fluid video performance and a reduced blur for graphics-heavy games.

It’s my favorite model for the stunning predator looks, seamless display, and robust response and refresh rate. And these specifics are at the core of the ideal gaming/graphics-heavy monitor. Boost your gaming performance with this best graphics card under 15,000 here.

3.MSI Optix G241

[amazon box=”B08B8LBM3S” image_size=”large” title=”MSI Highlights”]

  • 24″ IPS display
  • FHD resolution
  • Brighter, color-accurate output
  • 144Hz/1ms speed rate
  • 2xHDMI, 1xDP, 1XAudio ports
  • Anti-flicker & Low blue light o/p
  • Wall mountable & ergonomic stand


This one is from MSI – a highly reputed gaming gear manufacturer in the world. The MSI Optix G241 is a 24-inch gaming specialized monitor marked under Rs. 17K. It is a 1080p Full HD monitor and is backed with an IPS panel, which means you can expect more accurate colors and a brighter display than VA or TN. 

Coming to the looks and build quality – it’s quite impressive, to say. The monitor adopts a bezel-less design with a matte black finish and a thin yet sturdy stand that is height and tilts adjustable. Overall, the MSI Optix G241 boasts an attractive appearance. 

As with other monitors, this monitor, too, packs 144Hz/1ms combo that together delivers a smooth and tear and chopping-proof gaming experience. It also comes with AMD Free-Sync support for that extra speed boost. More on best 144Hz gaming monitors here.

4.Dell Alienware

[amazon box=”B0733YCKM5″ image_size=”large” title=”Dell Highlights”]

  • 25″ IPS gaming display
  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • HDMI, DP, USB ports
  • 240Hz/1ms response
  • G-Sync supported
  • Premium build quality
  • Hight, Swivel, tilt-adjustable


This one is a 25″ premium monitor from Dell in this segment. You can call it one of the most expensive machines out there in this size category. One of the most apparent reasons for such a high tag is the whopping 240Hz of refresh rate. So if you are furious about the high refresh rate, then this might be the one. Along with a 1ms response rate, you will experience one of the smoothest FPS gaming experiences available.

With that being said, you will also get a very killer build and design. Just look at the picture above. It has a cool three-side-edgeless frame, attractive Alienware trademark stand, and matte black finish all-over. Not only that, the stand is fully ergonomic, i.e., height, tilt, and swivel-adjustable. So bye-bye, neck pain.

27-inch gaming monitor

5.LG Ultragear

[amazon box=”B07MKT2BNB” image_size=”large” title=”LG Highlights”]

  • 27″ IPS display
  • Full HD 1080p resol
  • 99%sRGB
  • HDR10
  • HDMI, DP ports
  • G-Sync, Black stabilizer
  • 240Hz/1ms GTG speed
  • Ergonomic stand


Need smoother than whipped butter experience and on a big screen? Have a look at the LG Ultragear series installment. The 27″ monitor assembles a 240Hz lightning-fast refresh rate at the top of 1ms of furious GTG response. Expect a bolder, faster, sheerer multiplayer gaming experience.

Another good news is the support for Sync technology, which includes both Free/G-Sync for maximum torque.

An IPS panel powers the display with a brilliant 99% color accuracy and 400NITs of day-usable brightness along the line. If that’s not enough, the HDR10 makes the imagery even more alive and immersive for even better visual appeal. Love playing dark games(with lots of low light scenes)? The monitor comes with an inbuilt Black Stabilizer that makes such scenery more visible to see through.

FInally is the build quality and appearance, which you can pretty much call decent. The Dark red accent color and trimmed bezel give it a sexy feel. The stand is completely ergonomic, which supports tilt, height, and Swivel adjustment and is also VESA mountable. Heres exclusive review for top 27 inch monitors in India.

6.BenQ EL2870U – Best gaming 4K

[amazon box=”B079HV1TDC” image_size=”large” title=”LG Highlights”]

  • 28″ IPS display
  • 4K resolution 
  • HDMI & DP ports
  • HDR10 support
  • AMD Free-Sync support
  • Auto brightness intelligence


Let’s talk about the 4K monitors in the gaming segment. The fact with 4K is the difficulty to achieve a three-digit refresh rate on them. So if you wish for a super display with an incredible refresh rate, then you are up for disappointment. Otherwise – the BenQ EL2870U.

The 28″ IPS class monitor comes with a full 4K display with a fast 1ms response rate for the sheer gaming experience. It unpacks an excellent color reproduction and smart brightness tech – that adjust for itself as per the environment. The HDR settings make visuals more enticing and a treat to watch.

For connectivity is the HDMI 2.0 regular and DisplayPort 1.3 that also supports multi-device support. You can also expect built-in loudspeakers, but expecting it to be decent enough too will be wrong. Select from this best 4K monitors in India here.

7.AOC C27G1

[amazon box=”B07GD5XG5G” image_size=”large” title=”AOC Highlights”]

  • 27″ curved display
  • 1080p resolution
  • VA panel
  • 144Hz/1ms speed
  • HDMI, VGA, Display port
  • Freesync supported


Next up is the C27G1 from AOC. It’s a 27 inch curved full HD monitor. Yes, the resolution is not brilliant, but it shouldn’t even matter unless you are playing games that are only good at high resolution. In exchange, you are getting a nice curved screen having 1800R curvature along with 144Hz excellent refresh rate and swift 1ms response to pace up your attack – all for a budget-friendly price.

The monitor appears to have a very gaming friendly build. Just look at the matte-black finish that prevents reflection and thin bezels that render a comfortable viewing experience. The stand is sturdy and supports not only tilt and swivel but also is height adjustable.

And finally, it has all essentials, including HDMI, VGA & display ports for all sorts of connectivity. However, there is a drawback apart from average resolution; the VA panel. That means the colors will be more saturated, and reproduction will not be at best. So don’t choose this one if you are in the category of “gaming and editing.”

32-inch gaming monitor

8.LG 32GK650 – 32-inch gaming monitor

[amazon box=”B07FLGR2PN” image_size=”large” title=”LG Highlights”]

  • 32″ VA Display
  • 1440p 2K resolution
  • 144Hz/1ms response
  • Display/ HDMI ports
  • Radeon Freesync
  • 3-side borderless design


It’s perhaps the only decent monitor that I found in the 32-inch gaming monitor segment. The LG 32GK650 brings on the table a 32 inch VA standard display boasting 1440p or 2K crisp resolution. It renders brilliant graphics and stunning dark/bright differentiation, just less than an excellent IPS panel. But just perfect for gaming.

Speaking of the build and aesthetics; The LG Ultragear beast brings you an attractive black/red tone that will look perfect on most gaming setups. The stand is completely ergonomic and supports height, tilt, and swivel adjustment.

Moving forward is the 144Hz/1ms pace, which is another selling point for this model. You can sure experience silky smooth gaming time free of any tears and shears.

Ultrawide gaming monitor

9.LG 29UM69 – 10W speakers

[amazon box=”B089BNJ7HY” image_size=”large” image=6 title=”LG Highlights”]

  • 29″ IPS display
  •  FHD resolution
  • 21:9 wide aspect ratio
  • 75Hz/1ms speed
  • 10W loud inbuilt speakers
  • HDMI, VGA, DP & USB C ports
  • Multitasking monitor


The ultrawide monitor has its respective fan base. These are the people who play racing and online shooter games most of the time and prefer a wider perspective. 

So what we are going to talk about here is the LG 29UM69. It’s a 29-inch monitor boasting a full HD IPS display and renders excellent visual pleasure. It reproduces an almost natural color gamut, and thus it’s also suitable for editing-related tasks. 

For those concerned about the speed, this monitor will pack a 75Hz maximum refresh rate and 1ms of GTG response for a free-of-blur gaming experience.

One of the added features in LG Ultrawide is the inbuilt speakers. These aren’t like those useless 2W ones. The monitor brings you a whopping 10W output eliminating the need for standard external speakers.

And finally, the monitor has an extensive array of connectivity options that include HDMI, VGA, Display & USB C ports so you can connect all your devices with more ease. Click here for more top ultrawide monitors in India.

GUIDE: How to choose a gaming monitor?

For an amateur gamer with minimal knowledge about monitors, it can be daunting to choose the right monitor according to their specific gaming preferences like esports, adventure, simulation, and more. Go through this brief guide to learn how to choose a gaming monitor like a pro.

Action gamers

For most gaming needs like FPS and other fast-paced action games, including PubG, a 24-inch monitor with 3ms or lesser speed and upto 75Hz+ shutter speed is ideal. Such specification should give you a smoother playing experience.

Online esports multiplayers

Do you play games like PubG or other similar online multiplayer games? Are you planning to play Metro Exodus? Such games give you a fantastic experience on a widescreen monitor. Since it offers a better Field of View (FOV), you get a competitive edge over others. Just make sure your widescreen monitor boasts 1ms or shorter response rate a top 75 to 144Hz refresh rate.

For racing & sports player

If you are into racing or other forms of sports like FIFA or Cricket, you can go a widescreen like 21:9 ratio. Here you should choose a Full HD or better resolution, with less than 5ms response rate and 60Hz shutter speed. These specs will render you an excellent experience. 

Adventure and open-world players

Are you planning to play Cyberpunk 2077 or GTA 5 or something like that? Choose a 27 or 32-inch monitor with at least 2K resolution. You will get stunning graphical output (sure also depends on the power of your system.). Along with that, 5ms or less speed with a 60Hz refresh rate will work.

For PlayStation & XBOX players

Most people with Playstation 4 or XBOX console prefers a 24-inch monitor having full HD resolution and 60Hz+ refresh rate and less than 5ms speed. You will also want to make sure that your monitor does explicitly have an HDMI port for connectivity.

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