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TOP 5 Best Touch Screen Monitors in India [2021] – A Complete Review!

It’s the touch screen world. Be it your Smartphone, washing machine, or whatever interface-bound electronics you can think of. All boast touch interface. So how in the world PC monitors stay behind?

Today, I have brought you 5 of the best-selling touch screen monitors in India in 2021. The list includes from the likes of Viewsonic to Asus, Dell, and more. All the mentioned monitors are the most worth buying ones out there. These monitors are best to work on your editing projects, draft sales bills, or enjoy the touch screens.

So let’s jump in!

REVIEW: The 5 best touch screen monitors in India

1.ViewSonic TD2230 

The best touch screen monitor for drawing

[amazon box=”B01DKPJVIS” image_size=”large” title=”ViewSonic Highlights”]

  • 22″ FHD IPS display
  • 10-point capacitive touch screen
  • Gesture support like Tap, drag, ping-zoom,
  • Dynamic contrast 50M:1
  • 60Hz/ 5ms
  • HDMI, DP, VGA, & Audio
  • Inbuilt dual speakers
  • 7H scratch resistant surface hardness coating
  • Flick free and blue light filter
  • Bookstand design 20-70 degree horizontal adjustment
  • VESA mountable
  • 21.5″ varient | 15.6” varient


The ViewSonic TD2230 comes with a 22 inch 1080p FHD screen boasting 10-point capacitive touch support, meaning you can interact with ten touch points simultaneously with precision. It is an invaluable specification for a group activity, media entertainment, and office work. 

This model is powered by an IPS panel, one of the best out there with decent color rendering and accuracy. Along the line, the 50M:1 dynamic contrast ratio helps in keeping the image crisp & colors natural. The flicker-free, blue light filtering display ensures safety to your eyes if you work on the screen for a long duration. It all makes Viewsonic TD2230 one of the most delicate touch screen monitors for drawing.

For smoother touch experience & to avoid accidental damage/scratches to the surface due to everyday use, the Viewsonic has coated the display the 7H scratch-resistant surface hardness glass. 

And finally, the monitor comes with VESA & Bookstand design support with tilt and adjustability of upto 20 to 70 degrees which is useful for retail and office work.

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2. ASUS VT229H

The best touch screen monitor for POS & billing

[amazon box=”B07N1YQ2NK” image_size=”large” title=”ASUS Highlights”]

  • 21.5 Full HD IPS display
  • Win 10 touch gesture certified 
  • All Win 10 gesture supported
  • 178-degree viewing angles
  • 5ms/60Hz speed
  • VESA mountable
  • Circular base, Ergonomic tiltable stand
  • HDMI, VGA ports
  • Flicker-free low blue light technology


Next up on the line is the ASUS VT229H – a 21.5 inch Windows 10 touch gesture certified monitor. Just like the previous one, the monitor supports a 10-point touch with complete compliance for gestures like tap, drag, pinch-zoom, spin, and more. The touch screen monitor allows you to do touch typing, dragging objects, taping, selecting, scrolling, and much, much more.

The full HD IPS monitor renders crisp images with beautiful vivid colors and a near accurate gamut. You can enjoy reading, movies, web surfing, and not mention the convenience of retail billing without the need for a physical keyboard or mouse.

ASUS VT229H brings you a circular base for decent stability with ergonomic tiltability and VESA mounting if that’s not enough for your needs.

Overall this monitor from ASUS is more suited for office work and retail POS locations.

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3. ASUS Zenscreen

The best touch screen monitor for photo/video editing

Asus Highlights

  • Portable design
  • 15.6″ FHD IPS display
  • 10-point capacitive touch support
  • Tap, drag, pinch-zoom, scroll gesture 
  • Landscape, portrait mode
  • 7800mAh (4Hr) inbuilt battery
  • Micro-HDMI, USB Type-C port
  • Connects laptops, PC, mobiles
  • 900gm, 8mm thick


This one is one of my favorites on this list. The 15.6-inch ASUS Zenscreeen is a portable touch screen solution to get started with your project on the go. It has an 8mm thick profile that just 900 grams – making it super convenient to carry along.

The Zenscreen MB16AMT boasts 10-point touch simultaneously for effortless access. This portable touch screen support all the touch gestures, including tap, drag, scroll, pinch-zoom, and more. 

What makes this device ideal for creative professionals like editors is its reinforced color reproduction. It is a full HD display with having an IPS panel which ensures crisp images and accurate colors.

ASUS Zenscreen features a 7800mAh inbuilt battery that can last as long as 4hrs and is fast-chargeable. It can connect to laptops, Mac, PC, and most smartphones via Micro-HDMI & Type-C port.

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4. Acer T272HUL 

The best touch screen monitor for audio mixing

[amazon box=”B08BD798YV” image_size=”large” title=”Acer Highlights”]

  • 27″ Advanced Hyper VA display
  • 1440p WQHD resolution
  • 350Nits brightness
  • 10 point touch support
  • 1.07B color gamut
  • 60Hz/5ms speed
  • 2Wx2 inbuilt speakers
  • DVI, HDMI, DP ports
  • 178/178-degree viewing angles
  • VESA mount supported
  • 27″ varient | 21.5” varient


Acer T27HUL is one of a kind monitor. The 27-inch model is the largest in this touch screen monitor section. It is backed with Advanced Hyper VA (AHVA) panel and resolves at 1440p that renders crisp visuals and can reproduce over 1.07 Billion natural colors.

As with the other options in this list, the Acer installment combs smooth 10-point capacitive touch and supports most gestures, including tap, spin, drag, pinch-zoom, and scroll. The T272HUL has connectivity options including DVI, HDMI & DisplayPort. 

It supports VESA mounting and stylish outer appearance with an L-shaped stand that provides 20-70 degree adjustment. This Acer machine is the best for audio mixing and software like Audacity, Logic Pro X, and Adobe Audition.

5. Lenovo ThinkVision

The best touch screen monitor for Mac

[amazon box=”B08L6SLRG6″ image_size=”large” title=”Lenovo Highlights”]

  • 14″ FHD IPS display
  • 3-side narrow bezels
  • 60hz/6ms speed
  • Intuitive 10-point touch display
  • It comes with a pressure-sensitive active pen for precision
  • Draws power from the connected device via type C
  • 2xUSB Type-C port for connectivity & power


The Lenovo ThickVision M14t is the latest installment in the portable monitor series by Lenovo. Design-wise, the monitor has a pretty attractive look with a matte-black finish, 3-side thin bezels. It has non-removable back support that also contains a port for power and connectivity. The portable monitor has a bright 14-inch In-plane switching (IPS) display with up to 10-point super smooth touch support. It allows most of the gestures like tap, scroll, zoom, and more. The IPS screen renders decent color contrast and sharper images. 

It has a 60Hz shutter rate along with a 6ms response which is pretty much okay. Along with the monitor, you will also get a pressure-sensitive touch pen for precision in drawing, editing, and whatever. 

One thing to notice is that the monitor doesn’t have a separate power source or battery. It will draw power and input from the same device like your phone, Mac, or anything in between via Type-C.

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6. Dell P2418HT

The best touch screen monitor for graphic design

[amazon box=”B01NBX1Q2T” image_size=”large” title=”Dell Highlights”]

  • 24″ Full HD IPS display
  • Anti-glare surface coated for the smudge-free experience.
  • Comfort View – renders flicker & blue light filtered O/P
  • 8M:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • 60Hz/6ms speed
  • 10-point responsive touch 
  • Supports gestures like tap, swipe, slide, and pinch-zoom
  • 178/178-degree viewing angles


The Dell P2418HT is one of the top monitors out there in the touch screen monitor segment in India. Its display highlight includes a 24 inch Full HD IPS display with expansive color reproduction and 8M:1 dynamic contrast for superb visual performance. The screen has an anti-glare coating on it for reduced glare and fingerprints. If you are an excessive user, you would be happy to know about the Dell’s Comfort View mode for flicker and a blue light-free treat to your eyes.

The touch functionality for Dell P2418HT tops the superfast 10-point responsive touch and supports gestures like tap, swipe, scroll, slide, and pinch. So you can pretty much do a lot of things on this touch screen monitor.

And finally, it has a 60Hz/6ms speed ratio which is decent for the intended purpose. Since it’s an IPS – the viewing angles are also good with 178/178-degree viewing range. It has plenty of connectivity options, including HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, and USB.

I would suggest you invest in a quality stylus if you plan to use this monitor for your graphics designing projects and everything.

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