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The 3 Best Gaming Monitors Under 20000 in India [2021] – A Buying Guide!

The gaming monitors are sophisticated. You can ignore color accuracy and even resolution sometimes but what matters most is the input response time which should be under 1ms and a minimum 60Hz refresh rate. Click here for monitors with a 144Hz refresh rate.

The best gaming monitor under 20000 rs in India is the 27″ BenQ RL2755T – it has killer looks and beast performance for competitive & PS4 gaming. And suppose you are looking for a monitor with a robust black equalizer and productive screen size – the LG 24″ UltraGear monitor.

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And now, with that being said, lets jump to the detailed review.

REVIEWS: The 3 best gaming monitor under 20,000 in India

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3. LG 24GL600F – The UltraGear gaming monitor under 20k

The first in our list of best gaming monitors under 20000 is the LG 24GL600F. It has a strong and sturdy built with thicker bezels that give it a premium look. The monitor also makes it more comfortable for viewing with the tilt and side adjustable stand.

The UltraGear series installment features a 24 inches Full HD resolution with 300 nits of super brightness. It’s 144Hz lightning-fast shutter, and 1ms quick response makes sure tear-free gaming experience with minimal input lag. The monitor boasts a better contrast and intelligent Black Stabilizer that differentiate better black and whites spots.

The Dynamic Action Sync

One of the highlights of LG UltraGear is the Dynamic Action Sync, which comes handy at playing online-multipayer and FPS games requiring a rapid response from the player. The DAS helps minimize input lag.


  • 24 inch Full HD display
  • TN panel-based with 300 nits brightness
  • Impressive 1ms response & 144Hz refresh rate
  • Plenty of ports including HDMI, VGA, & Display and Audio
  • Radeon FreeSync enabled
  • Black stabilizer for better contrast
  • Custom gaming mode

The good

  • A dedicated monitor for competitive multiplayer and AAA gaming
  • Excelling 144Hz refresh rate
  • Fantastic contrast and unmatching dark-scene optimization

The bad

  • The color gamut could have been better.
  • Not advisable for color-sensitive work.

2. Samsung LC27F – The best curved gaming monitor

If you want to try out a curved screen or prefer a Samsung monitor for gaming, this is the one for you. Though not a dedicated gaming monitor, but the Samsung 27” curved monitor still has an excellent configuration for superior gaming performance.

The Samsung LC27F resembles a thin, three-side edgeless construction and a shiny silver finish that looks elegant.

It boasts a VA panel-based display with Full HD resolution that delivers better color reproduction and contrast than the TN panel. The monitor offers a load of ports, including HDMI, Audio, Headphone & Display Ports.

A 27” immersive curved display

One of the best things with a curved display is that it makes viewing and navigating through the bigger screen a lot more comfortable. It prevents stressing up your eyes. The Samsung LC27F features a curved display with 1800R curvature.


  • Excellent build
  • 27” VA Panel based display
  • 1080p Full HD resolution
  • 16.9M high color gamut
  • 1800R curvature offering a depth of experience
  • 4ms GTG response time
  • 60Hz shutter speed
  • HDMI, VGA & Audio port
  • AMD FreeSync enabled
  • 3Y of Warranty

The good

  • An impressive curved screen that offers more comfort with a larger screen
  • Better color reproduction than TN panel-based monitor

The bad

  • Slower response and shutter making the model unfit for competitive e-sports
  • It doesn’t have Display-port

1. BenQ RL2755T – The best PS4 console gaming monitor under 20k

Next in the lineup is the 27-inch 1080p monitor from the BenQ RL2755T. One of the popular installments in the Zowie series, the RL2755T is built especially for competitive gaming.

It stresses a robust build that looks modern and has a monster-like appeal. The Zowie is famous for adjustability thanks to its height and side-by-side adjustment.

From the performance point of view, the TN panel based display brings you a crispy picture and better black & white differentiation. It has an impressive 1ms GTG input response and a 75Hz refresh rate for ghosting and lag proof experience.

Built for extensive e-sports console gaming

The 27 inch Zowie brings you plenty of ports that enable you to enjoy games across many consoles, including PS4, XBOX One & Nintendo Switch. It features heavy-duty hardware that keeps your hardcore e-sports from input lags and at a breeze.

Furious response time for your victory

Courtesy: BenQ Official


  • 27 inch TN panel based display
  • 1080p Full HD resolution
  • 1ms GTG response & 75Hz of refresh rate
  • 300 nits of brightness
  • Plenty of ports including Dual HDMI, VGA, & Display port
  • 4W inbuilt speakers
  • 100x100mm VESA mount support
  • Ergonomic stand with height & swivel support

The good

  • The spot on monitor for console gaming, including PS4 and XBOX.
  • Highly adjustable ergonomics and VESA supported design.

The bad

  • None found.

Over to you!

So that’s a wrap here. I hope this buying guide could help you and that it gave you more clarity to choose the best gaming monitor under 20,000 Rs in India. Check out our top gaming monitors under 15k if you are low on budget. And if you still have any questions, then don’t forget to ask in the comments below.

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