22MK600M vs LG 22MP68VQ which is best
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LG 22MK600M Vs 22MP68VQ: Which one is best in 2021?

The competition is intense, and there are a lot of monitors under 10,000 in the Indian market. Today we will compare two of the best-selling monitors in this segment, especially for gaming. The monitors in talks are; LG 22MK600M vs. LG 22MP68VQ. 

Both of the models offer excellent features and solid value for the asked money. Most of the features like the IPS panel, which has decent color reproduction, input response of 5ms, which prevents input lag, are common in both models. Still, there is some clear difference between them, and that’s what we will talk about below. And finally will also tell you which model is best for what purpose or say for gaming.

So let’s hop in!

Direct Comparison: LG 22MK600M Vs 22MP68VQ

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Breaking it down

We already spoke about some of the features that both the model shares and the rest is shown in the comparison table above. So now we are going to briefly talk about the hardware specifications that set both the models apart. So let’s do it!

Screen size

The screen size of any display is essential. Too small a screen is inconvenient, but having too large is not a luxury either. The point here is to look for the sweet spot according to the purpose. Most people prefer a 21-24″ screen for gaming. Sure, the price increases with the larger size.

LG 22MK600M

This model comes with a 21.5 inch or 54.6 cm of IPS screen. It’s just a little shy of 22 inches.


This model has a screen size just a bit bigger than the previous model. It has a 22 inch 55cm of IPS class display.


Speaking roughly of display size. In this size battle of LG 22MK600M vs. LG 22MP68VQ, the 22MP68VQ is the winner.

Display Backlight

We are not going to discuss the panel type or resolution of the screen here since those are the same in both models. It’s just a waste of our time. It’s the backlight that we are going to talk about now. There are mainly two types of backlighting LCD & LED. LCD uses fluorescent lamps to light the panel, which is more power consuming than LED, which uses tiny LED lights for the same purpose.

LG 22MK600M

This model is backed with LCD backlighting. So you can say that it’s comparatively more power-consuming.


This model is backed with LED backlighting and thus eats up less power than the LCD one.


The winner here is LG 22MP68VQ due to its LED source, which consumes lower power.

Speed or frame rate

This one is an essential feature for gamers. So attention, gamers! If you play online multiplayer games like fortnight or PUBG(which is banned), then a high refresh rate (above 60Hz) and low input lag (less than 5ms) is essential.

LG 22MK600M

This model brings you 60Hz of atypical refresh rate, which is suitable for most purposes, including most games. Plus, it can be boosted to 75Hz of refresh rate if you have a relevant AMD system. So it’s a breeze for online esports. And it has a stable 5ms response rate which is decent for the price.


This model is not at that level in the section. The maximum frame rate here is 60Hz which shouldn’t be an issue as it’s enough for most gaming and other purposes. It, too, has the same 5ms response rate.


The winner depends here. If you are an online esports player, your winner should be 22MK600M due to its edge over frame rate. Or both are good for you.

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Colors & Calibration

If you plan to use this monitor for photo/video editing or similar work where color reproduction matters, you know this feature matters to you. There are different color gamuts and bit panels in the market like 8-bit color, 10-bit color. Sure higher the bit range, the better and more natural color reproduction. And calibration is where the color tone settings are done, so they look more natural and not vivid or saturated. It takes skills to do on your own.

LG 22MK600M

The installment from LG comes with an 8bit color range with the ability to regenerate over 16,777,216 colors. Additionally, it comes calibrated out of the box. Meaning you can expect natural image quality from day one. You will enjoy it if you are into the editing or creative profession.


This monitor is 8-bit (6-bit+FRC). This monitor is originally a 6-bit panel, but with the help of FRC ( or Frame Rate Control), it mimics the color results of an 8-bit display. So not that great, to be honest. Plus, it’s not color-calibrated. So it’s a NO monitor for editing professionals.


The LG 22MK600M is the winner here.

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This feature is one of those that can either make or break the deal. And you must agree on this. I mean, who will want to spend money on a monitor only, not be able to connect their favorite device later. That’s a huge compromise. Ports help connect a variety of devices to your monitor. HDMI is most popular lately across PCs, gaming consoles, laptops, and whatnot. Classic PCs have VGA ports. The headphone port and Audio port are all for sound output straight from the monitor.

LG 22MK600M

This monitor doesn’t have many connectivity options. At least not as much as its competitor does. It has 2 HDMI, 1 D-Sub, 1 Headphone Outports.


It comes with an array of ports. Namely 1 VGA Port, 1 HDMI Port, 1 DVI Port, 1 Audio-Out Port, 1 Headphone Ports.


The winner may seem here to be LG 22MP68VQ. But the 600M has dual HDMI ports. So if HDMI is all you need, then think it through.

Final Recount:

LG 22MK600M: 2/5

LG 22MP68VQ: 3/5


LG 22MK600M
  • Excellent thin built quality

  • Color calibrated out of the box

  • With upto 75Hz speed

  • Better view in dark sceneries

  • Made for esports gaming

  • Poor ergonomics - only tilt adjustable

  • Not so much connectivity options


  • Large number of connectivity options

  • Ideal for most of the games including console

  • Build quality is decent

  • Model is older ie.2017

  • Poor ergonomics i.e only tilt adjustable

  • Color reproduction could have been better

Final Verdict

So it’s time we wrap it up here. I will keep it simple and straight. If you want to play hardcore games and like online multiplayer games and have an AMD system, then go for LG 22MK600M. This model will give you an extra boost of 75Hz. Plus it’s also color calibrated, which can be helpful for editing. Or there is nothing wrong with going for the LG22MP68VQ model. For more: The 9 best gaming monitors in India

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