Mi 4A Pro vs 4C pro 32 inch comparison featured

Mi 4A Pro vs Mi 4C Pro 32 inch TV Full Comparison

Are you confused to choose between Mi 4A Pro & Mi 4C Pro TV? Need some clarity?

Hey, today, in this Mi 4A Pro vs 4C Pro 32-inch comparison, we are going to compare every important feature so you can choose the right TV for your home.

Finally, we will also try to find out which of them is smarter TV, if Prime/ Netflix is supported, which of them is the latest model, and more.

So let’s get started!

Direct comparison: Mi 4A Pro vs 4C Pro 32 inch LED TV

Mi 4C Pro
Mi 4A Pro
32 inch
32 inch
1366p x 768p
1366p x 768p
Smart features
Android 9.0
Android 9.0
1 GB RAM+ 8 GB Storage
1 GB RAM+ 8 GB Storage
Audio Jack
Audio Jack
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Breaking it down

It’s quite obvious from the above comparison table for Mi 4A Pro vs 4C Pro LED TV. Most of the essential features are mutually enjoyed by both of the flagship models. In fact, there’s no difference between them except for the launch date.

So it doesn’t make a difference choosing either: Mi 4A or 4C Pro.

Anyways, now let’s have a quick overlook of all top highlight features for the starters.

Common: Mi 4A Pro & 4C Pro 32 inch

Display resolution /quality

Mi 4A Pro 32 inch

Both of the models of Mi, namely 4A Pro and 4C Pro features identical screen size and resolution properties.

The Pro series televisions come with a 32 inch IPS display with a nice 720p HD ready resolution.

You can expect to enjoy the most vivid and crisper picture quality and immersive visual experience.

Audio output

A good, louder sound is just as essential as the display for the complete entertainment experience.
Expect the 20 watts dual speakers with DTS-HD encoded output and sweet surround sound with your Mi 4 Pro series.

Unless a home theater addict, you may not even need external speakers.

Available TV ports

You won’t want to go through the frustration of not being able to connect one of your favorite devices due to the absence of a port. That’s why the TV ports are of high importance to look after.

The Mi Pro Series flagship comes with 3 HDMI, 2 USB, and a 3.5mm audio jack to enjoy your set-top box, gaming consoles, Pen Drives, and more.

However, there is no VGA port and you will require an HDMI to VGA converter if you needed to connect it to your PC.

Smart features

In this Mi 4A Pro vs 4C Pro 32 inch comparison, its time for the final important factor, the smarter features.

Mi Pro series is fueled by Andriod 9.0 based curated Patchwall system & 64-bit rapid CPU at the core for glitch-free operations.

It will come with Prime & Netflix pre-installed & 800K hours of additional consumables. Playstore to download thousands of apps and games.

The Chromecast is in place for those who love screen casting. Your Mi Pro smart remote comes with fancy Google Assitant enabling you to voice command your screen.

Warranty/guarantee and price

Mi’s after-sales service is decent most of the time.

You can expect 1 year of service/parts replacement warranty and an additional year on the panel only.

BTW the price obviously was the same for both contenders at Rs. 12,500/- when I last checked it in May 2020.

Difference: Mi 4A Pro vs 4C Pro 32 inch


Should it be surprising that both of these models are completely identical at almost everything? IDK. But the only exception is the launch date.

The 4C model was released in mid-2018 while the Mi 4A Pro was launched in November 2019.

It’s a daunting question to answer why did they brand the same product different names? But what I found during my research is that the 4C Pro is Flipkart exclusive while 4A Pro is Amazon exclusive. So that might be the thought behind it; to make it look exclusive!

So the answer to all this chaos! Go for any of them. If there’s price difference then choose the cheaper one.

Don’t forget to check out this FAQ’s which a lot of our readers have been asking us about this flagship series.

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FAQs: Mi 4A Pro vs Mi 4C Pro 32 inch comparison

1. Mi 4A Pro or 4C Pro which is the latest?

The official launch date for Mi 4C Pro 32 inch is 2018 and March 2019 for Mi 4A Pro 32 inch. So obviously 4A Pro is the latest in due two.

2. Which MI TV 32 inch is best?

As far as 4 C/A Pro version is concerned both of the models are completely the same, carbon copies. But if you still had to pick one, I would go for 4A version cause its the latest!

3. Does Mi 4A/C Pro 32 inch TV support computer connection?

Not out of the box if your CPU has VGA only port, in which case, you will need a VGA-to-HDMI converter since this TV only has HDMI and no VGA.

4. Is there a wireless display on Mi 4A or 4C Pro?

Chromecast is in-built in both of the models so yeah, you can enjoy sharing your screens via casting between mobile and TV.

5. Can we download prime videos and Netflix?

Actually both are preinstalled on both of the models and you can enjoy thousands of other apps along.

6. Can I connect this TV with PS4??

Playstation 4 requires a TV with HDMI port which both of these models come with. So its a big YES!

7. Does it have a VGA port? or if not, does it supports VGA?

No its doesn’t come with VGA port in-built. But if you have to enjoy the VGA only devices then buy yourself a converter

8. What is the best viewing distance for 32 inch TV?

The healthiest and optical distance for 32 inch TV is 47 inches from the screen. According to Sony, the best viewing distance is 3X the vertical size of the screen.

Over to you!

So that’s a wrap we have reached. I hope I could answer all of your questions The Mi Pro series is quite popular in India. So if you still have any doubts or questions then please feel free to ask in the comments below.

Featured image & video courtesy: Mi India

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